Grand Tourio Contest No 7 – The Accidental Prime Minister

Grand Tourio Contest No 7 - The Accidental Prime Minister

Grand Tourio’s contest number 7 has trivia questions about The Accidental Prime Minister. Answer all the questions correctly and you will win FREE COUPLE MOVIE TICKETS to the upcoming movie The Accidental Prime Minister releasing on 11th January 2019.

The contest is live till 16th January 2019, So share it with all your friends & family and your chances of winning goes up a lot because the winner is chosen randomly!

The winner of this contest will be announced on 17th January 2019!

Welcome to your Accidental Prime Minister Contest

Who is the Director of The accidental prime minister?
accidental prime minister - Grand Tourio
What is the name of Akshaye Khanna’s brother?
Akshaye Khanna - Grand Tourio
Who is playing the role of Rahul Gandhi in the movie?
Rahul Gandhi - Grand Tourio
What is the name of Sonia Gandhi's daughter?
Sonia Gandhi - Grand Tourio
Before Dr.Manmohan Singh, who was the other prime minister who served India for two consecutive times?

manmohan singh - grand tourio

In which year was Dr. Manmohan Singh the finance minister of India?
Prime minister manmohan singh - grand tourio
For the second time, on which date was Dr.Manmohan Singh sworn as the Prime Minister?
manmohan singh - grand tourio contest
What is the name of Anupam kher’s son?
Sikandar kher - Garnd Tourio
Anupam Kher directed which of these film?
Anupam Kher - Grand Tourio
Akshaye khanna’s debut movie name?
Akshaye khanna - Grand Tourio Contest
In which year Anupam kher got Padma Shri Award?

Anupam Kher - Grand Tourio Contest

Anupam kher debuted in which year?
Anupam Kher accidental prime minister - Grand Tourio

For which movie Akshaye Khanna got Filmfare’s  best-supporting actor award?
Akshaye Khanna accidental prime minister - Grand Tourio

For how many years Sonia Gandhi was the president of Indian national congress?
congress - grand tourio

What is Sonia Gandhi‘s Real Name?
Sonia Gandhi Congress - Grand Tourio

Anupam Kher is from which city?
Actor Anupam Kher - Grand Tourio

Birth date of Akshaye Khanna?
Actor Akshaye Khanna - Grand Tourio

In the film hulchul who was the lead actress opposite Akshaye Khanna?
Akshaye Khanna hulchul - Grand Tourio

Akshaye Khanna is playing whose Character in the movie?
Sanjaya Baru - Grand Tourio

What is the real name of the actress playing Sonia Gandhi in the movie?
Suzanne Bernert - Grand Tourio